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Yesterday Again (Lyrics) by SDM

Yesterday I was 20 years old again…
playing life as one plays love,
a loaded brolik in my hands,
I was going to dance with the angel of death,
hands in the shit except that they are made for gold,
I was putting on gloves, I was going to do the job… only
yesterday I was 20 years old, on the verge of freaking out,
When we go downhill…

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we often come home a winner so never disappointed,
when we come out of the comico we leave on the rinté immediately,
the sky gives me signs,
the sky makes me a drawing,
yesterday I was 20 years old but like today the white people take me for a monkey!
It’s dirty! This mentality must stop,
Hello SD it’s for CC! wait
I finished my session, just call me back if you still live in the 16th! That’s it?

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You yell at me, I was holding the bag, I twist the car, I put it up to 200!
I don’t let myself be distracted by a big pair of breasts!
You jump, I start, we were fed up he was spanking the old one too much,
now I’m cashing in on the pain,
whereas only yesterday I was in a dog!

Yesterday still I didn’t even have the cable and all the chains,
yesterday still my ancestors were attached to chains!
It’s dirty! Yesterday again I was dreaming of having the life of Zidane,
a zedou under the penis, I was going to screw Christian!
Today like yesterday I’m 92i not polydor,
since I pierced big I’ve got the zinks,
my grandfather and my father was Polygamous!

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Writter: SDM
Album: 100 Links
Released: 2022

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