Rosa Ree – Blue Print (Lyrics)

Rosa Ree – Blue Print Lyrics. Tanzanian singer and songwriter – Rosa Ree drops lyrics for her new Mp3 song called – Blue Print.

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BluePrint Lyrics by Rosa Ree

We are kings but they tell us that we came from the dirt
Make believe is their game so they preach in reverse
Took our land, and our diamonds since before our birth
Brought us paper and convinced us that is what it was worth

And now would you believe me when I tell you we was violated
Everything we truly are was annihilated
Our culture and our heritage they fabricated
Wish I could deliver this message in my own mother’s language

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They told us we were poor?
Do you know Mansa Mussa?
They told us we were stupid
Go learn about the moores
Said we were lazy then made us slaves to build their kingdoms
Delete our history so our children wouldn’t know their power

Who are they? And who are we? Who do you think that we could be?
If you are human where is your humanity
why do you love to profit from calamity
Can’t you see this is all insanity

I wish we knew
I wish you knew
I wish I knew
I am the blue print

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Blueprint Blueprint x3
We are the blueprint

They came to us, we told em welcome you can have a seat
Next day they told us get up you should stand up on your feet
We resisted of course it’s our place what do you mean
Then they brought out the big guns and forced us to kneel

So you think that is what makes you powerful
Steady thinking that your end is gonn be merciful
Superpower huh? Mmh doubtful
The art is ours, gold is ours and the culture too

It’s a shame that you can’t admit it
You locked our women up in cages just to see their bodies
Wont allow us to rest in peace alive or dead
We are gods you should bow down to us instead

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All the children of my forefathers
This is your birth right better come and take it back
Let it emanate let em know gold is black
Let our children know even though they call them dark
Our skin is evidence of royalty

I wish we knew
I wish you knew
I wish I knew
I am the blue print

Blueprint Blueprint x3
We are the blueprint

Writer: Rosa Ree
Album: Blue Print
Producer: International

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