Omar Sterling – First In Class (Lyrics)

Omar Sterling – First In Class (Lyrics) Mp3 Download. Ghanaian talented rapper – Omar Sterling is serving us with another massive banger tune dubbed – First In Class with Lyrics.

First in Class Lyrics by Omar Sterling were taken from his newly released EP called ”Paedae Drop A Flow”.

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First In Class (Lyrics) by Omar Sterling

The First In class didn’t necessarily make it
The best in class gat no job and Thats outrageous
The worst in class didn’t turn out to be a failure.

This Mohammed Ali
Am evidently the greatest
We are the mercy of likes and Dislikes
Everyone afraid but we live in disguise

Poverty is a Bastard
It made a brother trade his brother for his life
Insane scenes that can’t be described

Good Music is what they prescribed
College drop out
they ask we rewrite History
How Papa watch son became what they wish to be

Check the Puzzle, can’t solve the Mystery
Body is weak, but soul is willing
Don’t be slow the, the flow is spilling
Shows these rappers my Kids they are my Children

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Deezy the Don, was once a Villian
Deezy the Don is one in a million
work hard from the bottom to reach the ceiling
Gat to the top you know how am feeling
Gat to the top you know I’m chilling yeah

Gad show me the way
I started losing friends yeah
1999 we started setting trends
Tiramisu awards night we had to represent

Yes Sir Masa No dey spoil work bring the 10%
Talk of the town our name was the topic
Life you never lived is easy to judge it
Life you never lived is easy to gossip
I wish you ever lived with zero
No Budget

From early times I like my own
so everyday adey hustle for dough
Am in my zone
Life hard
Life though
Ano dey chop, but ano dey moan
I just dey roam till it be your deceased Until I’m grown.

They say dream big, but i dreamt small
I pray for Opel Astra and a nice store
One room-self-contained and thus all
But the universe blesses me with so much more
You see

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A’oodhu billahi min
ash shaytaan it rajeem
its your boy
Omar kadir satar Sterling Regime

Nea menhue3 menka
Nea me hu an medi ho adanse3
I never comment on what I haven’t seen
What do you mean the boy cannot win
He was born with self-esteem
and blessed with such a team
I will be big was all a dream
Notoriously big was all a dream
The sky is the First step
Could never be the limit

Born in a dead dead could never be so timid
Funfair for sec/tech we had to do our business
FZ on the mic You KNoW No GIMICKS
Its a cold world we all born sinners
we cannot fail we all born winners
Its a cold world we all born sinners

ahead of the hierarchy
got bars caught a felony
The realest say I’m the hardest but some never heard of me
Paedae the problem
Mr. sterling the remedy
I’m here with Mugeez, killBeatz, and Melomey
Here is see scent scent and Hennessy.
flow so sensitive
Fancy an alternative

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It takes shots with a rifle
But we stand tall like the Eiffel
Keep it holy like the bible
I can look at you and know your idol
Dapper than is the title
Mista Sterling has no rivals
Nightmares when they sleep
No Sleep for the wicked

Effortless flow
Life hard for the rigid
I ain’t seen ma forks in a minute
Bros started chasing riches
Its money over bitches
the old I get the more i’m convinced
We were taught alot of nonsense it don’t make sense
We were taught to gain the world buy big Benz,
Friendship ignite pretense

We are all bad friends buh
We’re awake now it’s all past tense
We tired of the talks
Bro we want action
Passion for fashion versace
Ashes to ashes

Writer: Omar Sterling
Album: Paedae Drop Some Flow EP
Released: 2022

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