Omar Sterling – Abedi Pele Flow(Lyrics)

Omar Sterling – Abedi Pele Flow(Lyrics) Mp3 Download. Ghanaian rapper and hip-hop artiste – Omar Sterling ”Paedae” serves us with the official lyrics to his massive Mp3 song called – Abedi Pele Flow.

The song, Abedi Pele Flow by Omar Sterling was taken from his new EP tagged – Paedae Drop A Flow”

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Abedi Pele Flow(Lyrics) by Omar Sterling

I Hope someday you’d smile again
One day you will laugh again
Proudly African
I’m the bomb Afghanistan
flyest I’d never land
Colder than an overland
born and bred by my mother
i’d die in a motherland

We use to ball Catalan
but we left vanity for the vain
I hope you understand
who feels he knows it more

Hottest in the game but we cold for sure
broke locks of doors like a thief at night
Had lot of flaws but a lot of applause

Oh yeah
We treaded on thin ice
living on the edge
we were walking on landmines
My best friend gave up
he said he done typing
I told him our only option is to win
that’s why I write rhymes

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One day we’d be out this orphanage
we call a ghetto
Bro hy3 den
y3 Bedi lotto

We no go settle for less, we go wrestle
with the birds we go tuckle
with words them go shut up
Young boys in the ghetto growing up
they said to make it we had to rap
so I started rolling up

Our boy Tuga was good but wasn’t bold enough
Yaw Siki found God and said the flow enough
The boy was the bomb, he was blowing up
The accident defined his life before he was old enough
Sick Sick rapper always throwing up

He was my neighbor in Tema Comm. One
I Pause rapping and back
I Pause smoking and am back
I’m so dope I’m crack
This rap gives heart attack
They bite they say they’re sharks
You are what you attract
We add just subtract
This fact
this is 2pac

I stopped rapping and back
I stopped smoking I’m back
I’m so dope I’m crack
This rap gives heart attack
They bite they say they’re sharks
You are what you attract
We add just subtract
This fact
this is 2pac

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My Mama said you only need to be a good man
All else will fall in place and that’s the truth man
I’m only human born
Born in the jungle
Born in the zoo man
Share my rap gift to make some true fans
Dear mother, I hope I made you proud?

Lil bro went to the wild
I hope he stuck around
Everything we wished for we got it all and more
Kush named after a drum so I know you know it’s loud
Every day we blaze
It’s wired to talk a drought
Everyday we dey face, they are living anyhow

The easiest way to lose focus please the crowd
That’s not what we’re about
We’re about weed in dizzy’s house
To whom it may concern
Don’t burn bridges, Bridges dey burn

Life is in a skirt and a perm
Waiting to Fvck a nigger up and take their sp3rm
We never go school but now my bro we learn
Against the odds we here, the young ones it’s your turn
Diamond mind from dust know you’re a gem
They say you get what you deserve
We’ve been dope since Senegal 92

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Abedi Pele Flow bro
Please tell me who are you
They hate on the low but do salute
Mr. Sterling, He rap produce

He said
Life was sweet more honey
We pray for More money
Less rain more sunny
Life hard not funny
We here no turning now, we face our fears no running

Life is tough
Life is tough for the average man
Life is Rough
Life is short
Life is not what they wish it would be
It’s pretty garbage, this hand to mouth is not enough

Hip-hop heads they know we rock
Hip-hop heads they know You cap
Born on the flor you know it’s facts
That if we ever fall we’d adapt

Writer: Omar Sterling
Album: Paedae Drop A Flow
Released: 2022

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