Cristale x Laa Lee – Bong Bing (Tik Tok Song) (Lyrics)

Christale x Laa Lee – Bong Bing lyrics Download. UK-based Jamaican dancehall singer and talented songwriter – Cristale x Laa Lee is out with this trending Tik Tok song called – Bong Bing, a free Lyrics Video Download.

Dong Ding lyrics by Crristale are currently making waves on Tik Tok. She tries to combine her rap and singing powers on this lovely jam.

Before dishing out a short snippet of the sound using her official TikTok handle, Cristale has made different varieties of mind-blowing sounds with “Militant“; serving as her most recent output and also came as her debut for the year 2022. On the record, Cristale is known for her energetic vocal attribute which definitely showed her passion for music.

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Bong Bing Lyrics by Laa Lee Cristale

F*ck ya skunt,
Bong Bing
Come round fi a likkle song sing
Bro said he can’t trust these girls no more

Cah she just wan see the long tin
Shoulder fi ah fling,
Dong Ding
We fi play drunk
pong pong ping
Me and a brown man did sweet

but mi left him
innah street
Cah him seh
di wrong ting

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Daddy New Shoes
Mi Nah Bruck From It
If Pure Name Brand
Pon Mommy Skin

nah Bruck Foreign
Stand Up
Inna a Rich Man Shop
Dem fi run cheque

Inna bruck Pocket
Any Gal
wan yuh wan?

tell joe byron
Tekn Timming
don’t Stop

Black Bally up
when a opp slidding
no face
no case
na stop di grinding

Start whining
can you keep up?
Money Fi Make
Non stop grinding
and di darg dem fresh
Don’t bad Mind ting!

Ah suh mi darg dem ah step
dem roll in
money afi make
dem trolling
anywhere Mii Step
Mi wan gyal ah step
Darg Dem ah step
and Nuff nuff
Gyal ah Step
Anywhere mi guh

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Mi nah bruck foreigner
Darg dem fresh
Mi nah bruck foreigner
Mommy house set
Mi nah bruck foreigner
Daddy car fast
Mi nah bruck foreigner
Mount can’t slip
Mi nah bruck foreigner
face ah no toilet
Mi nah bruck foreigner

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