bbno$, Rebecca Black yoga (Lyrics)

Yoga (Lyrics) by bbno$. Alexander Leon Gumuchian, better known as bbno$, a Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia is here with this lovely tune dubbed – Yoga with the full Lyrics.

Yoga by bbno$ was featured by American singer – Rebbecca Black.

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Yoga Lyrics by bbno$

I just woke up, 4 am and this girl already texting me, what the fuck bruh

Here we go!

Do a little yoga, do a little dance, baby come over, leave your mans!
Straight to the sofa, bad romance, baby can’t wife, aint no chance
Aint no chance
Yeah there ain’t no chance, got about a 100 bands in fresh pants
Always eat leftovers not to fance
Labels tryna buy me, pshhh no chance!

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Why the hell I buy her shit, I unno uh
Let her spend the money, get my expense up!
She wanna be a barbie girl, I’m a kendal
Fly to the future we can go on a benda

Up all night, getting lucky yeah you bet-cha
2 hondas and a tesla, extra
Up on a friday, that’s the agenda, bitch we getting down like rebecca

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Fuck spirit
I ride G FO
Dumb lyrics
Im dumb rich tho
You a critic?
Im fantano
Shit a couple hits out, bitch no pepto

Only got one ball but my arm strong
Take a flight yeah quick down to hong kong
Made that money wide now that shit long
I’m always right
Aint no chance I’m wrong

come on over baby and I’ll show you how I get down
It’ll be your lil secret you don’t have talk about
So close the door ya
Meet me down on the floor she
Got me screaming uhh
Britney gimme more
Never thought we’d end up like this from the backseat to back of my crib
If you’re nervous put your hands on my hips
Yeah that’s nice

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Artist: bbno$
Featured artist: Rebecca Black
Album: eat ya veggies
Released: 2021

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